Master invoice management
with Moss

Moss makes managing invoices a team effort. All employees can digitally capture, pre-account and approve invoices for payment. So you can keep your focus on what really drives you.

Create, check and manage new invoices

Manage invoices

With Moss, you organize the invoice process from receiving to payment. All without much effort and always with full control.

Digital and transparent

Invoice management with Moss visualizes every step - from payment request to approval and payment.

Putting paperwork to rest

Digital invoice processes put an end to paper receipts. Manage all invoices with Moss and focus on more strategic tasks.

Minimize sources of error

Digital, automated invoice capture via app or web application saves time and reduces sources of error due to manual data entry.

Manage invoices more effectively

Upload and forward incoming invoice and extract payment data

Capture incoming invoices easily

With Moss, employees can easily upload received invoices or forward them via email. OCR scanning extracts relevant payment data automatically. The purpose of the expense can be added as a comment.

Controlled invoice approval

Once the invoice is entered into Moss, the finance team double-checks all invoice details for accuracy. Data such as cost centre and expense category are added in no time and the invoice is ready for export.

More about our approval policies →
Check and release invoices and invoice amount
Invoice verification and payment release

Verified payment authorization

Once the invoice has been checked and is ready for export, the budget manager receives a request for payment approval. Only when the purpose of the expenditure has been checked and confirmed is the invoice forwarded to the finance team for payment.

Pay invoices in time with the due date

Export individual invoices or entire payment lists and mark them as paid. Finally, you load all data into your online banking and pay the outstanding amounts conveniently by collective transfer.

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Sort invoices and pay by due date
Export all bookings with invoice with DATEV connection or download as CSV file

Exports into accounting software

Via official interfaces to widely used accounting software, all bookings are exported to with just one click. This reduces the manual effort in bookkeeping, speeds up the monthly closing - and saves the whole team a lot of time.

More about the DATEV interface →

Invoice management is a team effort

Managing invoices on autopilot

Moss brings all invoices and receipts together in one place. This means all data is available for editing at any time. Save time and hassle of pulling invoices together from email histories and stacks of paper. Confirm expense requests, review invoices, and approve payments without the hassle of manually entering payment data.

Forward invoices, gain focus

Moss makes invoice management simple. Employees conveniently forward incoming invoices via email or upload them directly into Moss. All without paperwork and billing processes that just hold things up. Once the invoice is entered into the system, OCR scanning reads it and information such as invoicing party, amount, invoice number and due date are automatically transferred into the system.

Combined forces: DATEV & Moss

Fully digital invoice workflows lay the foundation for smooth invoice export. Automated invoice entry and payment autonomy for employees put an end to mountains of paper. The purpose of expenditure for each invoice can also be entered as a comment, so that open questions can be clarified quickly. And all invoice and accounting data can be exported seamlessly via the official DATEV connection.

Approve invoices, keep track of expenses

Moss allows you to be responsible for team budgets and approve expenses independently. As the budget manager for your team, invoice approval is in your hands. Moss forwards submitted invoices to you via email so you can review them for accuracy and reasonableness. Is everything correct? Then you can approve the expense and release it for payment. The invoice then goes to the finance team and payment is made.


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