Moss for start-ups and technology companies: Pay more flexibly, grow stronger

Moss is designed for startups and tech companies. Set your own spending limit, save on tedious paperwork, and free up space for what matters most.

Scalable solution

All corporate expenses under control: Any number of corporate credit cards for all team members and cost centers make Moss a scalable solution.

Full transparency

Not a single undocumented euro: With real-time controlling, auto-receipt allocation and earmarked one-time cards, every expense is traceable.

Maximum acceptance

No more declined payments: as part of the Mastercard network, Moss offers you all the benefits of a corporate credit card with worldwide payment acceptance.

Real-time overview

A complete view of costs: Finance teams conveniently control all expenses from a single dashboard. Define limits for individual expenses and adjust budgets in real time.

Flexible payment for tech companies and start-ups

The credit card that grows with you

With Moss Debit, you get started right away, without any risk assessment. Take advantage of maximum acceptance credit cards and direct debit. Deposit exactly as much as you want to spend. And if you need a little more, you can easily top up your balance at any time by making a deposit.

Cashback on high spend

Moss customers with high spending get cash back. Without conversion or score system. Whether it's a marketing campaign, virtual card payments or recurring software subscription spend.

Efficient invoice management

Invoice management can be so simple: With Moss, all receipts and invoices are available digitally and can be processed in a time-saving manner. No more time spent searching through email histories and file folders. With Moss, the entire invoice flow from expense request to review and approval becomes transparent, digital and simple. And thus more controllable.

Employee cards for your team

Cards for all employees, full control for budget managers: With Moss, teams manage budgets independently within defined parameters. Our virtual cards can be issued in any number with a few clicks - and deactivated just as quickly.

All subscriptions in one place

Finally an overview in subscription management: Create subscription cards for the monthly server costs or payments to a specific merchant. Thanks to the filterable subscription overview, you enjoy full transparency - and identify unnecessary expenses immediately.

Exports into accounting software

Via official interfaces to widely used accounting software, all bookings are exported to with just one click. This reduces the manual effort in bookkeeping, speeds up the monthly closing - and saves the whole team a lot of time.

Experience Moss now and manage all your expenses in one place.

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