The spending solution for SMEs

Full transparency, less paperwork: Moss helps companies to effortlessly digitize their spending process - and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Save costs

Digitization saves costs: Moss saves the entire company valuable working time and identifies cost drivers at an early stage.

More time for core business

The switch to digital processes means one thing above all: free capacities for topics that really drive the business.

No more paperwork

Paper receipts are cluttered and distract from what's important. With Moss, time-consuming tasks are done in a few clicks.

Modern working world

Decentralized spending processes offer benefits to operational staff and to financial managers and supervisors.

Manage expenses digitally and create more freedom

Decentralized expenditure

One solution for all business expenses: Moss maps your company's entire spend process in one place. From budgeting, purchase approval, and invoice management to document capture, pre-accounting, and month-end posting export, all processes are captured.

Accounting Automation & Integrations

Do you have to search for receipts and pre-account invoices on top of your day-to-day business? Moss takes the hassle out of document management for finance teams, employees and supervisors. The receipt is uploaded before it can get lost, the incoming invoice is sent straight to Moss and the posting export to DATEV is done with just one click.

Digital invoice management

Whether it's 50, 100 or 500 invoices a month, Moss brings efficiency to your invoice management. Moss allows employees to easily capture and pre-populate invoices digitally. Digital approval flows minimize errors caused by manual typing, and save employees and budget managers valuable time.

Effortless transformation

During implementation, our support team will personally assist you to get started with Moss quickly and smoothly. Once your Moss account is set up, you can invite employees to Moss and create their first cards for their respective expenses.

Cashback on high spend

Moss customers with high spending get cash back. Without conversion or score system. Whether it's a marketing campaign, virtual card payments or recurring software subscription spend.

Experience Moss now and manage all your expenses in one place.

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