Up to all expenses: Moss for online trade

Maximum acceptance and full control over limits to turn big ideas into reality: Moss offers e-commerce businesses strong corporate credit cards that stand up to even the most demanding spending.

All expenses at a glance

Paying a bill here, executing a wire transfer there - your time is too precious. Moss brings all business expenses together in one place. Because overview creates efficiency.

Set your own limit

Capital investment for online retailers is often highly volatile. With Moss, you set your own limit and scale campaigns that drive your growth.

Digital and efficient

The company is digitally set up, but the accounting still runs manually in parts? Automate repetitive processes and save time and nerves at the end of the month.

Free space for goals

Drive internationalization, test new marketing channels, expand sales partnerships - with Moss, you finally have time for important strategy issues.

Financial flexibility for online sellers & e-commerce businesses

Universal purchasing cards

Moss credit cards provide online merchants with a reliable, transparent means of payment for all sales and operational business expenses. Even high expenses for online marketing, software subscriptions and shipping can be paid easily with Moss. Ultimate acceptance, attractive chargebacks and invoice management put an end to declined payments and guarantee smooth payment processes.

Cashback on high spend

Moss customers with high spending get cash back. Without conversion or score system. Whether it's a marketing campaign, virtual card payments or recurring software subscription spend.

Integrated expense management

Our smart credit cards are connected to management software. Track card transactions in real time - instead of waiting for the statement at the end of the month. With all the spending on online advertising and software tools, it's easy to lose track? Create a subscription card and stay on top of it with the subscription overview sorted by merchant. Create cards in seconds, set and adjust individual limits. The control is yours.

Security through virtual cards

Moss protects your assets with any number of virtual credit cards for secure online payments. Create separate personal cards with unique card details for all employees, instead of storing the same card everywhere. Our one-time-use virtual purchase cards are created in an instant and are automatically deactivated after issuance.

Digital receipt management

Tired of chasing receipts at the end of every month? Moss allows employees to easily upload their receipts, effectively saving accounting staff time. Simply upload paper receipts using the mobile app - a photo is all it takes. Digital receipts can be forwarded to the receipt inbox. Moss reads the receipt data and automatically assigns it to the appropriate payment. If a receipt is missing, Moss automatically reminds employees.

Accounting Automation & Integrations

A faster month-end close without disrupting existing processes? You can. Moss works easily with any accounting software. This automates the entire process and reduces manual effort and the risk of errors to a minimum. And posting is also done in minutes thanks to the DATEV interface and downloadable CSV file.

Experience Moss now and manage all your expenses in one place.

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