Your Team, Your Spend - Moss for Heads of Department

With Moss, managers issue their own cards to team members and take responsibility for budgets independently. Set individual limits within defined frames and save a lot of time with digtal approval flows.

Transparent expenses

Delegate budget responsibility and issue employees their own cards for their expenses. And also track card movements in real time.

Approval per click

No purchase without your approval: Your team requests expenses for specific purposes directly from you.

Better budget planning

In the role of Team Lead, managers are given the rights of a CFO. Know where the money is going and assign budgets with foresight.

All receipts in one place

No tedious receipt collecting: Team members enter receipts with a click and are automatically reminded when something is missing.

Autonomy for your team, freedom for you

Employee cards in any number

Strengthen your team with your own cards and set flexible budgets. Define limits within admin-defined approval frames, adjust card details or transfer existing cards to new employees.

Autonomous budget management

Whether it's the next team event or the recurring software payment: Moss saves managers a visit at the CFO and allows you to manage team budgets on your own. Give all employees their own cards and stay on top of things in real-time.

Clear subscription management

Moss subscription cards allow you to manage regular payments within teams efficiently and clearly. Create different cards for your software subscriptions, for example, or issue cards for specific merchants.

Sharing responsibility

Your team, your rules: Create space for yourself while retaining full control thanks to flexibly limited employee and purchasing cards. And focus on what moves you forward together.

Experience Moss now and manage all your expenses in one place.

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