Virtual credit cards
for more efficiency and flexibility

Our virtual credit cards are ideal for all occasions and expenses - whether for one-time payments or monthly subscriptions, whether marketing expenses or travel costs. With any number of virtual credit cards, all employees in the company can pay all expenses online.

Virtual Credit Cards from Moss


Create as many virtual credit cards as you like for all your expenses.

Icon "Adaptable"


Issue dedicated cards per vendor or expense, set limits and make changes in real time.

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Virtual credit cards can be created and blocked within seconds.

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Fixed limits and adjustments in real-time provide maximum control and security.

Optimize all spending with virtual credit cards

Different virtual credit cards in different colours and for different types of expenses

Credit Cards for all expenses

With Moss, you can create virtual credit cards with just a few clicks – whether for the monthly software subscription or the next team event. Track all card transactions in real time centrally in your dashboard and keep track of all company spending. Simple, transparent and with full control.

Cashback on high spend

Moss customers with high spending get cash back. Without conversion or point system. Whether it's a marketing campaign, virtual card payments or recurring software subscription spend.

Moss App: Create virtual card for one-off expenses or subscriptions

Create virtual credit cards

Ten, twenty or a hundred – create as many virtual credit cards as you need. The more cards you issue for the different occasions, the easier it will be to track your company spending. All cards are personalised and customisable, can be released, adjusted or frozen in real time.

Set limit and purpose

Stay in control: Define individual limits for all virtual credit cards and manage budgets directly in Moss. Create one-off cards for a specific purpose or set up subscription cards for regular payments. For better security and more flexibility.

Set colour, purpose, frequency and limit for new cards
Upload receipts directly with the smartphone, e.g. invoices from Starbucks

Upload receipts directly

With Moss, employees add the receipt with a click and have it automatically matched by Moss. Either via upload in the web application or quickly via photo in the Moss mobile app. Forgot to upload? No problem. Moss reminds employees by email.

Export bookings with DATEV

Via the official DATEV interface, all bookings are exported to DATEV Unternehmen online with just one click. This reduces the manual effort in bookkeeping, speeds up the monthly closing – and saves the whole team valuable time.

Export and transfer all bookings from the Moss app to DATEV connection

Virtual credit cards - for all expenses and every employee

All expenses under control

Distributing budgets, approving purchases, billing expenses - repetitive work often costs finance teams several working days a month. Free up your time, automate your expense management with Moss and distribute as many physical and virtual credit cards as you like across the organization. Whether for individual employees or teams, for one-time expenses or monthly subscriptions. Set individual limits and keep an eye on all costs.

Stay in the flow

Just pay what's due: Moss empowers teams with an infinite amount of company credit cards for all employees. Purpose-built budget cards, as well as merchant-specific subscription cards, allow teams to spend autonomously - while the finance team stays in control.

Track every payment

Moss corporate credit cards save you time in accounting. With person- or purpose-specific credit cards, the entire team can make expenses and upload receipts with a single click. This makes it easy to assign all payments to the correct cost center. Transaction lists show you where receipts are missing during the month. Set up automatic reminders via Slack or email instead of asking the same questions over and over each month.

Keep an eye on team expenses

As a team lead, you can create as many corporate credit cards for your team members as you like. Moss offers the right card for every expense. Create one-time cards for specific expenses, subscription cards for recurring payments like your software subscriptions, or personal cards with monthly limits. Track all expenses in real time, freeze cards, and flexibly adjust limits.


What is a virtual credit card?

How do you create a virtual credit card?

What are the advantages for companies?

Who are virtual credit cards suitable for?

How to pay online with the virtual cards?

How exactly does cashback work with Moss?

How do Moss' virtual cards work?

How quickly is the card available?

Can I also pay with it in the shop?

How secure are virtual credit cards?

What is the contract period for the Moss service?

Experience Moss and manage all
expenses in one place.

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Virtual credit cards at a glance

How do virtual credit cards work?

More and more businesses are turning to virtual credit cards to pay for expenses incurred. Essentially, a virtual credit card works just like a traditional (physical) credit card and can be used for all online payments.

With Moss, for example, any number of credit cards can be created and the card limit, the purpose of issuance and whether it is a one-off or recurring payment can be specified directly in advance.

What does a virtual credit card include?

In addition to limit, purpose and frequency, the card itself naturally shows all the information necessary for a purchase.

In concrete terms, this is:
- credit card number
- expiry date
- verification number

Exactly these three pieces of information are necessary to make a purchase, and since virtual credit cards are created in our tool in no time at all, the purchase can also be made immediately.

What is the difference between a virtual and a classic credit card?

A traditional corporate credit card is a payment card issued to companies by banks and credit institutions. Companies are given a monthly spending limit - the limit depends on the company's creditworthiness and financial conditions.

As soon as the application has been confirmed and the card has been received (by post), you can start using it. All payments, whether online or in stores, can now be made with this card. Throughout the month, all receipts must be collected for accounting purposes, and at the end of the month, the card statement follows, i.e. the debit from the deposited account.

With the virtual credit card, things are a little different.

With Moss, all cards are created directly in the application. The business account is connected to the application in advance and, depending on whether you choose Moss Debit (without credit check) or Moss Credit, you may still have access to a limit of up to €749,000. All
receipts and invoices can be uploaded directly via mobile app or in the web application after receipt and assigned to the respective expense. This means you no longer have to collect receipts and everything is prepared in the best possible way for the monthly closing of the accounts.

Can virtual maps be used immediately?

In short, yes. Waiting for the one physical credit card in the company can often be time-consuming and inefficient. Especially if there is only one physical credit card in the company and it has to be requested first, it is often not possible to react to an acute situation. This is where the virtual credit card provides a remedy. Virtual credit cards can be used immediately and can be put to use straight away.

For example, an employee can use Moss to request virtual credit cards for specific purposes, which are then confirmed and released by the CFO or the respective head of department. Admins (e.g. CFOs) can also create virtual credit cards directly and assign them to employees.

Of course, this all happens in real time and so all cards can also be released, adjusted or frozen again in seconds. 

How do you create a virtual credit card?

Creating corporate credit cards in Moss is a matter of seconds. As a customer, you have access to an unlimited number of virtual credit cards that are created and ready to use at the click of a button.

Moss offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to create as many corporate credit cards as you like and control budgets in real time. Both physical and virtual cards. In addition to general purpose credit cards, you can also create merchant-specific cards for recurring or one-off cards for specific occasions. Relevant information such as card limit and purpose can be selected and added to the card.

Depending on the authorisation level of the employee, the paths to the virtual card differ: As an admin, you can create virtual credit cards with just a few clicks. Employees without admin rights can request cards, which can be confirmed or rejected directly by an admin.

With Moss, employees can request cards for all kinds of expenses with just a few clicks. The steps are as follows:Log in to Moss applicationSelect Cards tab+Select new virtual credit cardType of card (physical/virtual; one-time payment/subscription)Set purpose, frequency and limitClick on Request New Card button. DoneCreating a credit card is done in seconds and the cards are ready to use immediately. Admins can create cards directly without having to wait for approval.

Step by step guide: Create a virtual credit card

With Moss, employees can apply for cards for all kinds of expenses with just a few clicks of the mouse. The steps are as follows:

1. Log into Moss application
2. Select Cards tab
3. +Select new virtual credit card
4. Select type of card (physical/virtual; one-time payment/subscription)
5. Set purpose, frequency and limit
6. Click on the Request new card button. Done.

Creating a credit card is done in seconds and the cards are ready to use immediately. Admins can create cards directly without having to wait for approval.

Advantages of virtual credit cards

Virtual credit cards offer their users a multitude of advantages. In addition to the increased flexibility and security, the accounting department also benefits enormously.

- Full cost control
Since the card limit for virtual credit cards is already set when the card is created, this limit cannot be exceeded during payments and all costs remain under control.

- No need to change accounts
Often credit card applications require additional accounts to be created. Not with Moss. Connect your business account to our application and access your existing infrastructure.

- Cards are ready to use
Virtual credit cards are created in seconds and ready to use. Limits, purpose and frequency can be adjusted in real time.

- No credit check (Moss Debit)
No credit check is required for the Moss Debit package and you can start immediately.

- High limit (Moss Credit)
Moss Credit
requires a credit check, but also allows an additional limit of up to €749,000.

- Maximum security
Each card has a fixed limit that cannot be overdrawn and thus already significantly reduces the potential financial damage. For example, if a credit card was created for a one-time payment, it cannot be used again after this one-time transfer.

- Real-time customisation
Since all cards can be customised in real time, it is always possible to react to new developments and the team and staff can respond to new developments with maximum flexibility.

- Can be used worldwide
Virtual credit cards for corporate spending can be used worldwide, as payments ultimately take place online.

- Preparatory accounting
By attaching all vouchers for the corresponding booking directly in Moss and through the interface to all common accounting software (e.g. DATEV), the month-end closing is quickly done.


- Cash withdrawal from ATMs not possible
- Currently only possible for online purchases

What are the fees for virtual credit cards?

Anyone who uses credit cards, whether virtual or physical, should always be aware of any fees that apply. It is precisely these fees that often make the difference. Standard fees are:

- Annual fee
- Activation fee
- Charges for loading
- Foreign currency fee

In addition to these standard fees, users often incur other costs. Moss is a little different.

Fees of Moss

- Monthly service fee for the first physical card (free of charge!)
- Service fee for physical replacement cards (10€/card)
- Service fee for virtual cards (free of charge!)
- Online billing (free of charge!)
- Use of Moss (12€/month per active user)
- When using a Secured Credit Card Product: Negative interest according to section 1.4.3 of the applicable General Special Conditions of Raisin Bank AG. This is an invoice item charged by the partner bank (0.50% p.a.).

How to pay online with the virtual credit card?

Payment is made online with a virtual credit card just like the physical version. All that is required is the card number, expiry date and CVV code. This information is shown on our virtual cards and can be easily copied out from our web application or mobile app.

Who is the virtual credit card suitable for?

Virtual credit cards are suitable for start-ups, for SMEs and also for big players; in fact for every company that wants to optimise costs and employee expenses and save the finance department time and work. Department heads can create their own cards for expenses in the department, the joint lunch can be paid for with a quickly created card or the monthly marketing costs. Conveniently pay for everything that is incurred, in real time and completely transparently.

When are charges made on the virtual or physical credit card?

Moss Credit is a credit card with payment terms of up to 60 days. Moss Debit is a credit card with a credit account. With credit cards with payment terms, outstanding balances are paid by direct debit at the end of each billing period. Extended payment terms of up to 60 days and dynamic limits make Moss the ideal solution for fast-growing businesses.

Can virtual credit cards also be used to pay in shops?

In short: No, not yet. To be able to pay with a virtual credit card in the shop, you need Google Pay or Apple Pay. An interface with Moss is currently in the works and will follow in the near future. From then on, it will be possible to pay with virtual credit cards in the shop.

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