Employee cards:
Credit cards for all employees and all expenses

Do you want to optimize your expense management and make the associated processes more effective? With Moss you can create employee cards for all employees, departments and expenses.

Different credit cards for all employees

Freedom for teams

Your team can apply for individual cards for all kinds of costs with just a few clicks.


Full cost transparency thanks to individual limits and real-time transaction overview.

Monitor your expenses

Employee cards can be created, released and blocked again with just a few clicks.

Digital document entry

All receipts can be uploaded directly into Moss and exported for month-end closing.

Optimize all expenses and increase efficiency with employee cards

Cards for different users in the team, e.g. Admins or Team-Lead

Employee cards from Moss

Physical and virtual credit cards for employees can be created with just a few clicks for the respective need and used immediately - whether for lunch or for new marketing tools.

Create employee cards online

Employees can request cards for specific employee expenses and admins (e.g. CFOs or department heads) can then approve them or create designated employee cards in advance. All changes, approval and blocking are done in real time.

Create virtual credit card for business trip
Set colour, purpose, frequency and limit for new cards

Individual cards for employees

Limits, the frequency of payment and the purpose of use can be defined for all employee cards. Thus, all expenses are under control, costs can be optimized and the accounting department saves time when closing the month.

Goodbye expense report

With employee cards, tedious expense reports and cumbersome reimbursements of personal expenses are a thing of the past. Employees pay with the card, upload the receipt to the Moss app and that's it.

Upload invoices for expenses in Moss and request reimbursements, e.g. taxi costs.
Export all bookings with invoice with DATEV connection or download as CSV file

Export bookings with DATEV

Once all receipts have been uploaded to Moss at the end of the month, all entries can be exported to the accounting software using the DATEV connection. In case of missing receipts, we send reminders to the respective employee.

Credit cards - for all expenses and every employee

All expenses under control

Distributing budgets, approving purchases, billing expenses - repetitive work often costs finance teams several working days a month. Free up your time, automate your expense management with Moss and distribute as many physical and virtual credit cards as you like across the organization. Whether for individual employees or teams, for one-time expenses or monthly subscriptions. Set individual limits and keep an eye on all costs.

Stay in the flow

Just pay what's due: Moss empowers teams with an infinite amount of company credit cards for all employees. Purpose-built budget cards, as well as merchant-specific subscription cards, allow teams to spend autonomously - while the finance team stays in control.

Track every payment

Moss corporate credit cards save you time in accounting. With person- or purpose-specific credit cards, the entire team can make expenses and upload receipts with a single click. This makes it easy to assign all payments to the correct cost center. Transaction lists show you where receipts are missing during the month. Set up automatic reminders via Slack or email instead of asking the same questions over and over each month.

Keep an eye on team expenses

As a team lead, you can create as many corporate credit cards for your team members as you like. Moss offers the right card for every expense. Create one-time cards for specific expenses, subscription cards for recurring payments like your software subscriptions, or personal cards with monthly limits. Track all expenses in real time, freeze cards, and flexibly adjust limits.


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